PRIZMA nitrocellulose products are indicated for old style, art or country furniture manufacturers, and are ideal for people looking for extreme easiness and flexibility in application. They give wood particular warmth and make it incredibly soft to touch. They are easily repaired throughout the finishing process, rubbing and polishing are easily accomplished.

Code Name
LN110 NC Sealer
LN111 NC Sealer Super
LN900 NC Sealer HS
LN120 NC Clear gloss
LN122 NC Clear semi gloss
LN140 NC Clear Matt
LN910 NC Clear silky super gloss 10%
LN950 NC Clear silky super gloss 50%
LN930 NC Clear silky super gloss 30%
LN571 NC Black gloss
LN571M NC Black matt
LN571SM NC Black semi gloss
LN80 NC White gloss
LN80M NC White matt
LN80SM NC White semi matt
Code Name
LN82 NC Ivory
LN224 NC Brown
LN572M NC Dark brown
LN226 NC Light brown
LN206 NC Green toner
LN207 NC Blue toner
LN212 NC Oxyde yellow
LN218 NC Oxyde red
LN211 NC Lemon yellow
LN225 NC Medium yellow
LN221 NC Aluminum fine
LN233 NC Aluminum coarse
LN214 NC Orange
LN223 NC Red
LN228 NC Wenge
Code Name
LN239 NC Yellow gold
LN240 NC Red gold
LN241 NC Maroon
LN670 NC Primer white
LN671 NC Primer yellow
LN672 NC Primer red
LN675 NC Primer grey
LN677 NC Primer blue
LN680 NC Primer black
LN685 NC Primer green
LN700 NC White putty
LN705 NC Black putty
LN701 NC Beige putty
LN702 NC Red putty
LN703 NC Grey putty


Prizma polyurethane has good sandability, high solids contents and good hiding power. They are suitable for all kinds of wood. They are easy to apply and have proven durability, elasticity and reliability. Prizma range includes a complete series of polyurethane products carefully formulated to satisfy any application.

Code Name
LU21 PU Sealer
H21 Hardener
LU20 PU Sealer
H20 Hardener
LU22 PU Sealer fast dry
H22 Hardener fast
LU25 PU Sealer closed pore
H25 Hardener
LU10 PU Clear gloss
H10 Hardener
LU11 PU Clear gloss 30%
H20A Hardener
Code Name
LU12 PU Clear gloss 50%
H20A Hardener
LU15 PU Clear Matt
H20A Hardener
LU450 PU Clear HS gloss 50 %
H40 Hardener
LU430 PU Clear HS gloss 30%
H40 Hardener
LU410 PU Clear HS gloss 10%
H40 Hardener
LU30 PU Primer white
H20 Hardener
Code Name
LU45 PU white gloss super
H10 Hardener
LU4950 PU White super gloss 50%
H49 Hardener
LU4930 PU White super gloss 30%
H49 Hardener
LU4910 PU White super gloss 10%
H49 Hardener
LU60 PU Black gloss
H10 Hardener


PRIZMA polyester products are characterized by high-filling, extremely high solids, superb chemical and physical resistance, very high gloss and gloss retention. They are suitable for closed pore cycles and particularly for the coatings of modern furniture.

Code Name
UP600 Polyester Sealer
HP Hardener ( 3 % )
CAT Catalyst ( 3 % )
UP30 Polyester Primer white
HP Hardener ( 2 % )
CAT Catalyst ( 2 % )


PRIZMA  acrylic Non-yellowing products have excellent chemical  and scratch resistance. They give a very high surface hardness with a smooth touch and does not change color when they are exposed to sunlight. It protects the wood from natural yellowing but they are slower drying than polyurethane systems.

Code Name
AS200 Acrylic sealer non-yellowing
HA200 Hardener NY
AL100 Acrylic clear gloss non-yellowing
HA100 Hardener NY
AL130 Acrylic clear gloss 30% non-yellowing
HA200N Hardener NY
AL150 Acrylic clear gloss 50% non yellowing
HA200N Hardener NY
AL110 Acrylic clear matt non-yellowing
HA200N Hardener NY
AP230 Acrylic white gloss 30% non-yellowing
HA200N Hardener NY
AP210 Acrylic white gloss 10% non yellowing
HA200N Hardener NY
AP201N Acrylic white gloss non-yellowing
HA101N Hardener acrylic


PRIZMA Wood stains are used to improve wood appearance, emphasizing its grain and pores, leveling shades and reducing color modification over time. Stains enhance the beauty of even the most of common essences. Our range includes a complete selection of water and solvent-based stains in an infinite number of colors and shades. The range of Prizma colorants is composed of products of varying natures which meet each and every need as regards to aesthetic qualities and application methods.

Code Name
PSU111 Wood stain walnut 111
PSU112 Wood stain dark walnut 112
PSU113 Wood stain walnut 113
PSU114 Wood stain walnut 114
PSU115 Wood stain walnut 115
PSU116 Wood stain dark walnut 116
PSU117 Wood stain walnut 117
PSU118 Wood stain red walnut 118
PSU119 Wood stain green walnut 119
PSU121 Wood stain cherry 121
Code Name
PSU131 Wood stain mahogany 131
PSU132 Wood stain mahogany 132
PSU141 Wood stain wenge 141
PSU142 Wood stain wenge 142
PSU143 Wood stain wenge 143
PSU150 Wood stain black 150
PSU151 Wood stain black 151
PSU153 Wood stain black 153
PSU161 Wood stain rosewood 161
PSU171 Wood stain warm yellow 171
Code Name
PSU200 Wood stain white 200
PSU210 Wood stain red 210
PSU211 Wood stain red 211
PSU220 Wood stain orange 220
PSU230 Wood stain medium yellow 230
PSU231 Wood stain oxyde yellow 231
PSU240 Wood stain green 240
PSU250 Wood stain blue 250


Code Name
G3 NC Thinner
G4 NC Thinner
S 101 PU Thinner Fast
S 100 PU Thinner Medium
S102 PU Thinner Slow
S104 PU Thinner Extra slow